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DOS Pediatrics is staffed by an extremely competent team of dedicated medical professionals. In addition to their aptitude and training in the medical profession, they are friendly, cordial and fluent in three languages.

 Wanda Lopez
Head Nurse
Wanda I. Lopez was born in Humacao Puerto Rico. She is married with 2 children: Leroy y Gerardo. Wanda studied at the University of Puerto Rico and became a Certified Medical Assistant in 2002. She greatly enjoys working with children and really loves her work at Dos Pediatrics.

 Mayra I. Garcia
I was born in Puerto Rico in 1969. I am married and have two beautiful children, Roberto Andres and Roberto Jose. I obtained a certifications in Secretarial Science with World Processing, Locucion, and Accounting Principles. In my eight years of medical experience, I became certified as a Medical Assistant and continue to work in this capacity as a Pediatric Medical Assistant. I really enjoy working with children and working in this type of environment.

Referral coordinator
Iím Madeline the Referral coordinator. I also make appointments and answer the phones. I enjoy working here. I like my job, and working with children. I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Iíve been living in Orlando since 1993. Iím married, and I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. I also have 3 dogs. I find that we all make a great team at Dos Pediatrics.

Front Desk
My name is Griselda Galindo, and my position is the front desk. I am from Mexico, but I have lived most of my life in California. I have 3 kids, and I have been living in Florida since the year 2006.

Front Desk and Nursing
My name is Silvette CedeŮo. I was born in Puerto Rico, but raised in New Jersey. I am a mother of two boys: Tom Jr. 11 years old, and Derrick 14 years old I graduated from FMU with a medical assistant degree. I have worked with kids since 1999, and enjoy it.

 Laura Suarez
I was born in Patterson, New Jersey, with a Peruvian background. Currently I am attending Keiser University, were I will be graduating from in January, 2009 as a Medical Assistant. I plan on continuing school and becoming a Register Nurse. I truly enjoy working with kids and being part of Dos Pediatrics.

 Aguirre Andres de Cubas
Technical Assistant
Hereditary Endocrine Cancer Group
Human Cancer Genetics Program
Spanish National Cancer Research Center
Calle Fernando Melchor 3, 28029 Madrid.
34-91-224-6980 (ext. 2020)

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James de Cubas, MD
Chantal Alonso-Lej, MD

5142 Curry Ford Road
Orlando, Florida 32812

Tel: (407) 381-5533
Fax: (407) 381-1142


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